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Purchase Terms and Policies
Purchase Terms and Policies
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Any ticket purchased or otherwise acquired through Someday is subject to the following terms, in addition to the Privacy Notice, the Terms of Service, and any additional terms specified by the Venue or Event Organizer in the event listing itself. These terms can be amended at any time.

Refund Policy

Purchased tickets are non-refundable outside of the following circumstances:

  1. Event cancellation - if an Event has been cancelled, ticket holders will be eligible for a total refund, to be processed automatically. Someday will refund your ticket and send you an email notification reflecting the status of the event.

  2. Event postponement / change of date - if an Event you have purchased tickets for changes dates or is postponed to a later date, ticket holders are eligible for refunds should they be unable to attend the Event during the new date. Ticket holders will be updated of any timing changes by via email. Please contact us at if an Event has changed dates and you are no longer able to attend.

Any exceptions to the above refund policy will be reflected in the show itself - should an Event Organizer or Venue decide on other situations in which granting refunds is acceptable. Ticket buyers are not entitled to refunds in the case of user error. Examples of user error include, but are not limited to, purchasing an undesired type or quantity of tickets, purchasing tickets for an Event that you are not able to attend, or purchasing tickets for a 21+ Event while under the age of 21. Accidental purchases fall under the category of user error. Users are responsible for verifying their own availability based on the type, location, and timing of the Event as listed on Someday. Ticket buyers are eligible for refunds in the event they purchase tickets for an Event with insufficient or erroneous information.

Please direct any questions related to the above policy, and questions related to Event-specific refund policies, to

Prices and Fees

Tickets may fluctuate in price, promotions may be released at different times, and the option to purchase certain tickets may close during the window of time that an Event is on sale. Ticket buyers will be displayed the current price for the specific ticket or tickets they are purchasing at checkout, and that price is what the ticket buyer agrees to and is responsible for paying.

If you believe that the tickets you purchased were listed to you at the wrong price, please contact us at - we will be happy to correct any errors or discrepancies between ticket prices on our platform and those advertised by Venues or Event Organizers.

Tickets purchased through Someday will include service and transaction fees and, depending on your location, be subject to taxes. The final price of the ticket, including these additional charges, will be displayed to you upon check-out.

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